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Level Design Project

16X32 bluesplatter-export.png

Aims and Goals

Desert Complex is a project with the aim of making the default Lyra multiplayer experience as interesting as I can using mostly only Level Design. The Map is inspired by games such as Unreal Tournament, Halo and is targeted at making an interesting space for a third person shooter.

Modes of Play

The map is shown in Team Deathmatch and is intended for 12-16 Players but is designed to be multi-purpose. The horizontal symmetry is intended for more team games such as Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Infected. The map could also feature single player game modes such as King of The Hill and Deathmatch. Elements of the map could be adjusted using data layers for specific game modes such as Jump Pads and Portals.

Creation Process

When creating the map, I originally was inspired by the "Blood Gultch" level from Halo Combat Evolved, I began recreating elements of the old map and began my own small map using simple cubes and landscape tools to block out basic shapes. After experimentation I ended up with a fort idea and started using the cube grid tools to create and experiment with different interesting spaces, using feedback from other designers I iterated on a fort-like structure to eventually create the map as a final version. 


Grimernship Level Design

Working on Grimternship I took more of a level design role, here is a blockout I did for the first level of the game. I then edited this level in editor and expanded on it through playtests. This is a practical example of me experimenting and learning about my level designing process.


Here are a few map previews for some Dungeons and Dragons battlemaps I made. I created these using Dungeondraft and used "Forgotten Adventures" Assets to create these maps.

16X32 bluesplatter-export.png
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