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Barum 383 Devlog

Welcome to the Barum 383 devlog page. Here is a breif insight into the development process of my biggest and most ambitious project yet "Barum 383" my final project at university.

Barum 383

Barum 383 is a Sci-Fi strategy game that aims to incorporate real time and turn based strategy. The game features many technical elements and 3 factions on a conquest style map and will involve real time battles between fleets.

Alpha V0.1

Solar Systems

  • Implemented Basic Grid, Skybox and Player Controls

  • Added data structures for RTS mechanics using a Game Instance

  • Implemented a basic procedural planet generation system.

  • Added a turn timer where planets rotate around their respective sun

  • Planets have widgets and random names

  • Setting up the framework to expand on the procedural generation

Alpha V0.2

Solar Systems and Faction

  • Added multiple types of star and planet

  • Factions now occupy planets

  • Pirates spawn in every system with a % chance

  • Player accumulates resources from their planets population every turn.

  • Added basic placeholder UI

  • Building more foundations for UI and turn based mechanics.

Alpha V0.3 Update

Game UI and Planet Shaders

  • I am currently working on Planet Shaders and game UI in order to flesh out the core mechanics of the game.

  • I have added the ability to build and research on planets, move fleets and added a comprehensive list of technologies and improvements that the player will be able to build.

  • Currently in the prototype stages preparing to improve the look and functionality of the game.

  • The planet shaders will help develop realistic looking planets which will be randomly generated. The goal is to have around 2000+ different planet variations.


Alpha V0.3 

Game UI and Planet Shaders

  • Added UI elements to planets

  • Basic planet shader has been implemented - Planets will procedurally spawn with procedural textures based on NASA textures in blender.

  • Ui is in the process of an overhaul to make the game communicate better.

  • Rings and orbits have been communicated non-diagetically.

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