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Behind the scenes of my educational journey

These projects are snippets into my personal journey of growth in games development at university

Solo Project

Zoltar is a sci-fi RTS where the player must mine space rocks and create a fleet to defeat an alien race called the Zoltoids. This was my final year 2 project at university made in Unreal Engine 4 and is an inspiration for my final project Barum 383. This prototype was made in two weeks.

16X32 bluesplatter-export.png

Group Project

Role: Technical Designer, Programmer, Level Designer, Sound

One Shot Dungeon is a fast paced dungeon game made in 1 week. The game revolves around a 10 second timer to complete levels and is an early prototype/demo. This game was made in a group of 5 in Unreal Engine 4.


Solo Project

Spiders and Spirits is a top down 2D horror game where the player can die over and over again but will face enemies in life and death. This was my first game jam. Made in Unreal Engine 4 in a single week.

16X32 PaintSplatteYellow-export.png

Overcoming Difficulties

Gaining Confidence

Coming into games from a maths and computer science background, I was not very confident in my 2D skills. Doing 2D Pixel projects helped develop my 2D communication skills and develop my artistic process.

During year 1 of university. I learned how to animate 2D sprites to develop my first game "Hell Knight" Here are a few snippets of my creative process.

Side Attack Prototyp2e.gif
Side Attack Coloured With Shadow.gif

Claymation Effect

As a quick experimentational mini-project. I created a 2D zombie character which I attempted to stylise in a clay effect. This was a brief exploration of some Technical Art concepts. I modelled, animated and did all the effects myself. 

Starbound Boss Design

During year 2 at NUA, I designed a Starbound boss. The boss idea was based on the Glitch race armor sets. The idea was that there were three heads that rotate with different abilities. This was my first attempt at designing something for an existing game. You can download the GDD below.

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